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Sunday 21st April 2024

Again the Savi's warbler was reeling strongly on the southern edge of the Village lake & for a time crossed Dryham lane to 'reel' from Cell 'C',
A Great white egret flew in from the west to lane in Cell 'C' in the morning,
Also seen was Marsh harrier, 2 Eygptian & 2 Pink-footed geese (both Crossland's lake), the second brood of 9 Greylag goose goslings (Cell 'A'), 21 Avocets (New workings), adult Mediterranean gull (Cell 2a) & displaying Little ringed plovers,
Common carder, Buff & Red-tailed bumblebees, plus Green-veined white, Orange tip & Speckled wood butterflies were seen today,
A Large red damselfly was seen, the first of the year

Redshank on Cell 2a

Posted By: BJNcw on 4/21/2024 4:59:16 PM

Saturday 20th April 2024

The Savi's warbler was still singing on the southern shore of the Village lake, just east of the 'Bus-stop' hide on Dryham lane,
2 Eygptian geese & 2 Pink-footed geese were on Crossland's lake,
A Cuckoo was seen to fly from Crossland's hide in the direction of Cell 'C'
The Black-tailed godwit was still on Cell 'A', with Little ringed plover on Cell 2a & Cell 'A', 10+ Avocets, Common sandpiper
Alsos een was 20+ House martins, Marsh harrier, adult Mediterranean gull (Cell 2a), Red kite, 6+ Snipe. Yellow wagtail, Little & tawny owls
Common carder, Red-tailed & Early bumblebees, plus Orange tip & Green-veined white butterflies were seen today

Drake Shelduck over the New workings

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Friday 19th April 2024

A Savi's warbler was singing from the south shore of the Village lake during the morning,
At the West End there was a male Wheatear, with a Yellow wagtail & singing Corn bunting nearby,
2 Common sandpipers were on Cell 2a & the back of the Silt pond, with 2 Dunlin also at Cell 2a & the Black-tailed godwit & Green sandpiper on Cell 'A',
In the early morning, a Great white egret was seen to fly west over the far lake & Cell 2a,
A Kingfisher flew into the Reed-bed from the north,
Also seen was Marsh harrier, Lesser whitethroat (Dryham lane), Little owl, adult Mediterranean gull (Cell 'A'), Red kite, 6+ Snipe & 7 Pochards (including a female) on the Island lake
Orange tip, Green-veined white & Small tortoiseshell were seen today

Male Blackcap on the East path

Posted By: BJNcw on 4/19/2024 3:37:25 PM

Thursday 18th April 2024

A Barn owl was hunting the New workings in the early morning,
2 Redshanks (Cell 2a & Cell 'A') & a Little ringed plover (Silt pond) were present, with also the Black-tailed godwit & Snipe on Cell 'A',
The first Greylag goose brood of the year (6 goslings) was present on Cell 'A',
Also seen was a Pink-footed goose (Main lake), House martin (over the Silt pond, a Brambling (West path), Singing Corn bunting & Yellowhammer (both New workings) & Green woodpecker (Village lake)
Buff-tailed bumblebee was seen today

Chiffchaff carrying nest material on the North path

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Wednesday 17th April 2024

A Raven was seen over the Reed-bed flying to the north,
On the North fields this morning, there was a male Wheatear,
In the New workings, 2 Yellow wagtails, a singing Corn bunting & a Tawny owl were seen,
Also present was the Black-tailed godwit (Cell 'A'), Little owl, 2 Water rails (walking across Dryham lane) & the pair of Eygptian geese (Crossland's lake),
Orange tip & Peacock butterflies were about today

Skylark over the New workings

Posted By: BJNcw on 4/17/2024 4:32:41 PM

Tuesday 16th April 2024

A Barn owl was hunting the West End in the morning,
At Cell 2a, a Ringed plover flew over in a southerly direction,
5 Whooper swans were on Cell 2a in the afternoon, with the Black-tailed godwit still on Cell'A',
A Whitethroat was singing in the north of the Maize field

Barn owl in the New workings

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Monday 15th April 2024

The Common sandpiper was on cell 2a, along with a Peregrine being seen,
A few Whooper swans were with the Mute swans at Hotham Carrs,
An Arctic tern flew quickly west over the Island lake,
A White & a Yellow wagtail were on the North field,
Also seen was the pair of Eygptian geese (Cell 1a), about 20 Curlews (North field), Marsh harrier & Black-tailed godwit (Cell 'A')

Sand martin over the Silt pond

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Sunday 14th April 2024

The first Lesser whitethroat of the year was seen by the North west corner of the Reed-bed in the morning, as well as the first Swift at the West End,
A Great white egret was on Cell 'A' in the mid morning, with 4 Black-tailed godwits being seen, 
An Osprey flew north over Cell '1a' in the late afternoon,
Redshanks, Little ringed plover & Common sandpiper were seen on Cell 2a,
Also seen was 40+ Avocets, 20+ Curlews (Middle ground), Marsh harrier, 4+ Red kites, the pair of Eygptian geese (West End), 4 Whooper swans (north west), Little & Tawny owls, Yellow wagtail (Crossland's lake)
Common carder bumblebee, Orange tip, Green-veined & Small white butterflies were seen today,

Redshank on Cell 2a

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Saturday 13th April 2024

The Black-tailed godwit was still on Cell 'A', along with a Common sandpiper & 6 Snipe,
Little ringed plovers were seen on Cell 2a, the Silt pond & Cell 'A',
36 Whooper swans flew west near the western edge of the New workings,
Also seen was Marsh harrier, about 40 Avocets, adult Mediterranean gull, Peregrine, Red kite, Water rail, Little & Tawny owl, Kingfisher (Crossland's lake), Whitethroat & about 30 Curlews north,
A Speckled wood was  seen today

Cetti's warbler singing by the Reed-bed

Posted By: BJNcw on 4/13/2024 12:16:58 PM

Friday 12th April 2024

A Grasshopper was heard 'reeling' & seen in the western part of the North hedge,
Also just arrived were singing Reed warblers in the Reed-bed & Village lake,
30 Avocets were on cell 2a, with a Green sandpiper (New workings), 3 Common sandpipers (Silt pond & Crossland's lake), Black-tailed godwit (Cell 'A'), Little ringed plovers (Silt pond & New workings), plus about 50+ Curlews in the Middle grounds,
Also seen was 3 Eygptian geese (Crossland's lake), Yellow wagtail (Crossland's lake), 12 Fieldfares east, Marsh harrier, Peregrine (North field), adult Mediterranean gull (Cell 2a), Red kite & Little owl
Buff-tailed, Common carder & Garden bumblebees, Orange tip & Peacock were also seen

Goldfinch in the West End

Posted By: BJNcw on 4/12/2024 4:12:37 PM