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Thursday 26th May 2022

The 2 Eygptian geese were seen on Cell 'A' & Crossland's lake,
On the Reed-bed, the first Lapwing chick of the season was predated by a Carrion crow,
Also seen was Hobby, Pink-footed goose (North field), Kingfisher (Carp lake) & Mediterranean gull
Dragonflies today, included Black-tailed skimmer, Azure, Blue-tailed & Red-eyed damselflies,
Wall browns were flying today
Bumblebees included Early & Red -tailed bumblebees

Long-tailed tit by the Far lake

Posted By: Barry on 5/26/2022 4:41:50 PM

Wednesday 25th May 2022

An out of season Whooper swan was on Crossland's lake in the morning,
Also seen was 12 Avocet chicks (Village/Island lakes), a new family of Shelducks (7duckings) on Crossland's lake, Barn & Tawny owls, 2 drakes & a female Pochard (Silt pond), Mediterranean gulls,
Common carder & Red-tailed bumblebees were seen today

Whooper swan on Crossland's lake

Posted By: Barry on 5/25/2022 6:50:19 PM

Tuesday 24th May 2022

The Bittern was seen to fly from Cell 'B' to the Reed-bed in the early morning Later on in the evening it was heard 'booming'
A new Shelduck family of 10 ducklings was on Cell 'A',
Also seen was Red kite, Little owl, 22 Avocet chicks (19 on Village Lake & 3 on Island lake), 2 Eygptian geese (Cell 'A'), Curlew & Mediterranean gull,
Butterflies today included, Wall, Speckled wood, Orange tip & Common blue,
Damselflies today included Azure & Blue-tailed damselflies,
Bumblebees today, included Red-tailed & Common carder bumblebees

Kestrel over the New workings

Posted By: Barry on 5/24/2022 5:03:56 PM

Monday 23rd May 2022

Today, there were 12 Avocet chicks on the Village lake & 4 on the Island lake,
On the Far lake the Kingfisher & 3 young were spotted in the evening,
Also seen was a drake Pochard (Reed-bed), Barn owl, 2 drake Teals (Cell 'A') & Mediterranean gulls,
Butterflies today, Speckled wood, Holly blue, Small tortoiseshell, Common blue, Large white & Painted lady,
Damselflies today, Azure, Blue-tailed, Common blue & Red-eyed damselflies,
Also Common carder bumblebee was about

Holly blue along Dryham lane

Posted By: Barry on 5/23/2022 5:38:23 PM

Sunday 22nd May 2022

The Bittern was seen flying over the Reed-bed
There were 7 Avocet chicks on the Village lake,
Also seen was Corn bunting, Hobby, Barn owl, 2 Eygptian geese, Little owl & 5+Mediterranean gull
Common blue, Speckled wood, Red admiral, Large skipper, Wall, Holly blue, Large Red & Blue-tailed damselflies were about today

Avocet in the New workings

Posted By: Barry on 5/22/2022 4:56:39 PM

Saturday 21st May 2022

The Cuckoo was calling in the early morning from the Carp lake/Butterfly walk,
A Common sandpiper was on the Island lake, with Kingfisher seen on the Reed-bed,
Also seen was 8 Avocet chicks, 2 Eygptian geese (Cell 'A'), Female Bullfinch, Tawny owl, a new family of 10 Shelduck ducklings, singing Corn bunting (North field), 3 Canada geese (North field) & Mediterranean gull
Butterflies today included, Brimstone, Red admiral & Peacock,
Dragonflies included, Hairy dragonfly & Red-eyed damselflies

Common sandpiper on the Island lake

Posted By: Barry on 5/21/2022 5:41:30 PM

Friday 20th May 2022

In the mid-morning, 17 Ringed plovers & 3 Dunlins dropped onto Cell 'A', with a Common sandpiper on the Island lake,
A Cuckoo was heard about the Carp lake & Butterfly walk,
2 Eygptian geese were on Crossland's lake,
Also seen was Mediterranean gull, Corn bunting (New workings), 3 Little egrets (Cell 'A'), Little & Tawny owl, 5+ Shoveler, drake Wigeon & 2 Water rails (heard in Cell 'C')
Blue-tailed damselfly & Common carder bumblebee were out today

Blue tit in the New workings

Posted By: Barry on 5/20/2022 4:54:27 PM