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Monday 11th December 2023

The drake Pintail was on cell 2a, along with 34 Shelducks & 18 Shovelers,
There were 20+ Curlews in the North field, with a female Goldeneye nearby on the Reed-bed,
Around the Maize field feeders, 25+ Greenfinches were present

Male Siskin by the Far Corner

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/11/2023 4:13:47 PM

Sunday 10th December 2023

A Green sandpiper & a Dunlin were on the Silt pond in the early morning, with 34 Redshanks counted on Cell 'A' & 20+ Curlews on the North field,
The Bittern was again on the Village lake seen from the Turret hide,
Whooper swans were heard to the north (2 also flew south over Cell 'C'), with the drake Pintail still on Cell 2a,
3+ Marsh harriers were seen, with the Peregrine again by Crossland's lake,
There were 18 Cormorants in the Far lake roost,
16+ Greenfinches (including 3 females) were counted at the Maize field feeders, with a male & 2 female Bramblings on the West path

Male Siskin by the Far Corner

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/10/2023 4:36:13 PM

Saturday 9th December 2023

A very rainy day,
The Bittern showed well on the Village lake, viewed from the Turret hide,
A Dunlin was on Cell 'A', with about 20 Curlews in the flooded North field,
Marsh harrier was seen, a Peregrine (over Crossland's lake), as well as a Bran owl over the Village lake in the afternoon,
A Brambling was heard by the Far Corner, whilst a female & 16 Greenfinches were under the Maize field feeders,
A male Stonechat was seen by the Island lake, with Bearded tits heard in Cell 'C'.
A drake Pintail was seen on  Cell 2a

Bittern on the Village lake, viewed from the Turret hide

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/9/2023 5:21:14 PM

Friday 8th December 2023

3+ Bramblings were seen in the Far Corner & also underneath the Maize field feeders,
5 Greenfinches were in the Far Corner, with a further 10+ on the Maize field feeders, as well as a Coal tit (another was also on the West path), A barn owl was hunting Cell 'C' in the late afternoon, 3+ Marsh harriers & a Peregrine hunting Lapwings,
A male Stonechat was seen from the Viewing platform, 42+ Shelducks were seen on Cell 2a

Song thrush on the North hedge

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/8/2023 5:29:34 PM

Thursday 7th December 2023

14 Whooper swans roosted on Cell 2a, leaving early to the north,
A Woodcock was flushed from the Far Corner in early morning,
Also seen was 2 roosting Little egrets, Coal tit (West path), 16 Curlew (North field) & female Brambling (underneath Maize field feeders)

Long-tailed tit by the West path

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/7/2023 7:33:40 PM

Wednesday 6th December 2023

The Bittern again showed on the Village lake in the morning,
6+ Bearded tits were in Cell 'C',
There was a male & female Brambling at the Maize field & also by the Far Corner, as well as 10+ Greenfinches (Maize field feeders),
Also seen was Marsh harrier, an Eygptian goose south,west 6+ Curlew (Village lake), 2+ Water rails (heard), 20+ Redshanks (Silt pond) & a Dunlin on the Silt pond

Roe deer in Cell 'C'

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/6/2023 4:34:18 PM

Tuesday 5th December 2023

The Bittern again showed on the Village lake,
A Great white egret was with the Little egrets in the Main lake roost,
There were 2 Dunlins on the Silt pond

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/5/2023 5:12:33 PM

Monday 4th December 2023

There was a Dunlin on the Silt pond,
The female Goldeneye re-appeared on Cell 2a,
Also seen was Red kite (over Maize field), Brambling & 50+ Linnets in the Far Corner

Male Greenfinch by the Maize field feeders

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/4/2023 4:58:45 PM

Sunday 3rd December 2023

There were 3 Bramblings seen below the Maize field feeders,
In the afternoon, the Bittern showed well on the Village lake from the Turret hide,
Bearded tits were heard in Cell 'C',
A drake Goosander was on the Far lake, with a female on Crossland's lake, There was a Dunlin on the Silt pond & a Green sandpiper in the New workings,
Also seen was Kingfisher (heard by the Carp lake), 4+ Little egrets, Barn owl (at dusk), Marsh harrier, Tawny owl (heard in the morning) & Water rail (heard during the day)

Posted By: BarryJ on 12/3/2023 5:51:57 PM